Align your business with the world’s latest technologies with OMEKTA’s solutions and services.

Who is OMEKTA?

OMEKTA was established in Oman in 2022. We are a multi-specialist group that is ready to share more than 20 years of experience in various fields in the form of services to the public and private sectors of Oman and the Arab League.

Our services are in accordance with the latest standards and technologies of the world, so we assure our customers that they will receive the highest quality at the most reasonable price.

Why should you trustOMEKTA?

Creating a network of prominent consultants and professors in various management fields

Providing world-class services and products based on current knowledge and technology

Providing service packages
containing training, consulting, software and system deployment

Experience of successful implementation of more than 400 projects during 20 years in different countries

What doesOMEKTA do?

IT Solution

We have provided various web-based software for business management and we also provide custom software production services, BI and AI service with the help of expert programmers based on modern technology. Our software solutions will strengthen data governance in your business.


Our advertising programs are prepared by an experienced team with modern technical facilities and are a combination of content, photos, videos, music and social networks. Introduce your business in a targeted manner and promote your brand with our advertising packages.

International Trade

With the help of a strong network, we will accompany you in international trade to provide the goods and services you need from anywhere in the world with the least time and cost. We also help your products and services reach the target markets with the best conditions.