Contract Management

A tool that helps you in integrated contract management and meet  all  the needs in this field.

Need contract management tailored to your industry?

Need a user-friendly contract management interface?

Seeking customizable contract templates?

Need to sync contracts to projects?

OMEKTA’s Contract Management Software simplifies your contract lifecycles. create, negotiate, and approve contracts, promoting . Align contracts with project goals for real-time tracking and easy deliverable comparison. Customize the software to fit your needs and seamlessly integrate with your existing tools. Elevate your contract management with OMEKTA and step into a future of streamlined efficiency.


Manage your contracts in one place

Have access to all parts of your contracts in one register at any time.

Realtime contract progress

Sync contract phases into projects helps to track the progress of your contract phases in the projects so that the work is done clearly.

Be aware of deadlines

Whenever the end date of the contract arrives, a message will be sent to inform you of this issue.

Align your contract with costs

Manage the amounts paid to the contractor with the net amount of the contract to avoid a negative balance.

Organizing documents

Store contracts documents in  their place so you can easily access them when needed.

Define user roles

Define the contractor and stockholder of the contract and set access for them according to the role.

Consulting services

The correct arrangement of contracts at the beginning of projects increases profitability and reduces risks, because the contract guarantees the interests of the stakeholders in the project. OMEKTA's project management consulting team, which consists of experienced and skilled people, provides the following services:

  • Preparation of project contracts
  • Contract Advice
  • Regulation of innovation and consulting contracts

Supporting services

OMEKTA does not leave customers alone after purchase, and the problems related to the software are followed up and solved by the support team. Providing support services and maintenance of the software in the continuation of the deployment to maintain the efficiency of the systems and the continuity of service. This is actually the point of contact between the users and the company. In software products, providing support services is very important because with the rapid change of technology, the software is not functional without support. OMEKTA’S company In line with its obligations to its customers, after selling the software, it supports its product with the following measures:

  • Fixing the problems that have arisen for operation
  • Taking measures to preserve and maintain customer data
  • Update new versions

OMEKTA Contract Management software is available in  three  Basic ,standard and Business versions.

Actually, with the help of the Basic version, you can register general contract details.  In standard version you

can use some Functional features like registering project subject and description, determining contract amount and deductions and etc. However, with the assistance of the Business version, you can manage all aspects of the contracts, and stay updated on even the smallest changes quick.

Comparison table ofsoftware versions

Contract Management
Feature’s type Features Basic Standard Business
Contracts General contract details registration
Parties determination: system users or new users
Parties determination: system users or new users
Contract amount and deductions determination
Schedule and phases determination
Contract clauses determination
Related documents registration
Deliverables of each phase determination
Contract Status Reports Defined situations
Synchronization of statuses with projects
Connection of statuses to sensitive documents
Contracts Reports Real and physical progress reports of contracts presented
Warning message sent upon contract end date reached

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