Digital Marketing

OMEKTA believes that one of the successful way in business in today’s world is entering in digital advertising. The marketing methods in traditional markets have changed into new method all over the world. Digital marketing has made advertising easier, faster and cheaper.

OMEKTA provides digital marketing expertise for your business. It offers you content creation (textual, visual), search engine optimization SEO, entering social networks (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) and many other digital marketing methods.

Animation, info graphics, motion graphics

Both animation and motion graphic content, must be effective replacement instead of real filming. According to the customer demands, 2D and 3D animations, info graphic and motion graphic.

Graphic design

The key point to be successful in advertising and marketing is about eye contact and nothing can create the best and memorable vision of your brand. Today, is a day of pictures; so that this unit make an effort to design logos, unique and effective vision of a brand. In nutshell, it helps you redecorate strong and special personality.

Industrial photography and advertising

Registernig beautiful photos from all products and services of a brand, needed an extraordinary and professional skill, both sophistication and experience, aesthetic and so on. In order to this captivating reason, photography is the root of brand’s introduction. It’s our pleasure to be at your service and help you to fulfil your advertising purpose.

Digital marketing

Virtual world is becoming more and more real and it plays imperative role in our lives. Couse of economic advertising activities and marketing in digital area, we have this opportunity to access the variety of contacts and social media possibilities. Not only it helps all types of brands to communicate with other people, but also it’s cheaper than other platforms. So, according to this wide capability of networks, you can observe whole data which come out from your activities.

Digital print

You can see the variety of subjects in digital print ; Including :the effects of printing process to shape visual identity, cards, brochures, advertisements and etc.  This unit,in order to recognize the rate of sensibility and importance of printing process for the completion of advertising chain, it has managed to be responsible as well as possible.