Project Management

A tool that helps you in integrated project management and meet  all  the needs in this field.

Can you monitor all dimensions of projects?

Are you sure that the tasks are completed on time by the team?

Do you notify projects deviations before they occur?

Can you track time for tasks and subtasks?

OMEKTA’s  project management software helps project managers to easily manage and control all processes related to timely projects delivery and to be aware of deviations before they occur.

Using this software, first define your  project plan .Then, the project manager records the schedule, task costs, project side costs, etc. Everything that is recorded by the project manager at the beginning is related to planning. But during the project Execution, the team members receive feedback from the project manager Real values ​​are recorded.

With this data, the software notifies the project manager of deviations at any time. And this causes the projects to be delivered on time and based on the wishes of the beneficiaries.


Flexibility in defining project plan

You can record the due dates and amounts of consumed resources, costs, etc. based on your predicts. Then compare them with the real conditions in real time.

Get status insight at a glance

Design your custom dashboard according to the most important project factors ,Gain insight into project status and then share it with the stakeholders easily.

Integrated project management

Along with the changes in the project physical progress, changes in budget, resources, etc. are also made automatically and integrated, and reports and dashboards are updated.

Maximize collaboration with the project team

Be in touch with your team members at any moment and receive field reports of the implementation status using the messenger in the form of private or group chat. You can also inform on the channel.

Record minutes and hours spent on projects

Understand how long tasks actually takes and see what team

Save time with workflow automations

Leave repetitive tasks and focus on results with one data entry.

Consulting services

Every organization has different plans and strategic goals that need a proper approach in managing their projects to achieve them. OMEKTA's project management consulting team, which consists of experienced and skilled people, provides the following services:

  • Establishing an integrated project planning and control system
  • Design and establishment a PMO
  • Assessing and modeling project risks
  • Diagnosing project management problems and Provide solutions for improvement

Supporting services

OMEKTA does not leave customers alone after purchase, and the problems related to the software are followed up and solved by the support team. Providing support services and maintenance of the software in the continuation of the deployment to maintain the efficiency of the systems and the continuity of service. This is actually the point of contact between the users and the company. In software products, providing support services is very important because with the rapid change of technology, the software is not functional without support.
OMEKTA’S company In line with its obligations to its customers, after selling the software, it supports its product with the following measures:

  • Fixing the problems that have arisen for operation
  • Taking measures to preserve and maintain customer data
  • Update new versions

OMEKTA Project management software is available in  three  Basic ,standard and Business versions. Actually, with the help of the Basic version, you can enter data and control project progress.  In standard version you can use  some Functional feature  like automation and time tracking and etc.  However, with the assistance of the Business version, you can manage all aspects of the projects through an integrated workflow and stay updated on even the smallest changes quick.

Comparison table ofsoftware versions

Project Management
Features Basic Standard Business
Contract management 1 2 3
Unlimited number of contracts
Contract accounting
Contract dashboard
Project management 6 13 17
Task dependency
Project’s goals
Calendar view
Project dashboard
Private chat
Team workload
Portfolio dashboard
Group chat
Time management 2 3 3
Actual time field
Estimated time field
Time tracking
Cost and resource management 1 2 3
Unlimited number of resources
Unlimited number of resources

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