Strategic Management

A tool to put the strategies on paper and all the actions and activities of the organization are on the way to achieve the goals.

Can you measure the status of the planned goals in real time?

Are you sure you are moving in the direction of the strategies and have not deviated from the designated path?

Do you fully supervise the implementation of the plans and projects that you have planned to achieve your goals?

Do you continuously evaluate the status of the organization’s strategic indicators?

OMEKTA’s strategic management software has answered many challenges that cause strategies to remain on paper and not be implemented with the various capabilities that it foresees in updating organizational strategies.

Using this software, first define your strategic plan with any model that has been designed, and then by entering the information and data related to the operational plans and strategic indicators defined by the trustees, you can see the status of the realization of each of the organization’s goals at the moment. and identify existing deviations in the shortest possible time through software reports and dashboards


Flexibility in defining the strategic plan

By defining arbitrary labels for each level of the strategic plan, define strategic views, macro goals, micro goals and operational plans without any restrictions.

Determining the weight of goals and plans

Determine your organizational priorities by determining the weight of each element of the strategic plan tree and monitor the progress of the program by considering the set priorities.

Integrated management of the strategic plan

Monitor the progress of the strategic plan by evaluating the status of physical progress, time progress, real progress of programs and projects, and supervise the work status of project managers and executives.

Strategic budget and cost management

Determine the budget ceiling of each of the operational plans in the desired financial headings and monitor the amount of budget deviation in real time by recording the expenses spent on each of the activities.

Evaluation of strategic indicators

Define the strategic indicators that determine the status of the achievement of each of the goals and measure the achievement of the goals periodically by evaluating them.

Receive strategic reports

Access a lot of management reports containing tables and graphs with the ability to filter report elements to analyze the implementation status of organizational strategies.

OMEKTA strategic management software is available in three standard, professional and organizational versions. In general, you can use the basic version of the software when you monitor your strategic plan to the extent of controlling the progress of the desired operational plans. But by installing the advanced version, you can also evaluate the status of indicators related to strategic goals and manage the budget and cost of the strategic plan.

Comparison table ofsoftware versions

Strategic Plan
Features Standard Professional
Organization's strategic plans' definition
Programs' status assessment: active or inactive
Custodian identification for the strategic plan among users
Summary report access for strategic plans' accomplishment
Messages automated when reaching fulfillment dates

Many customers have experienced the deployment of OMEKTA strategic management software, generally, their strategic planning models are different, but all of them have succeeded in the stage of plan implementation and strategic monitoring, they have benefited from the facilities offered in the strategic management software, and the operations Do the comment.

In this section, due to maintaining confidentiality, the names of the customers are not mentioned and their experiences in using the software are presented:

Monitoring the strategic plan based on the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) model.

In the balanced scorecard model, the organization’s goals are divided into 4 aspects of learning and growth, internal processes, customers and finances. Organizations that have used this model for strategic planning have created their strategic plan tree by defining the following layers with the help of the strategic plan definition environment:
First level: strategic perspectives
The second level: the organizational goals of each perspective
The third level: strategies related to each of the goals
Fourth level: operational plans and projects related to strategies
Level 5: Work breakdown structure and actionable activities for each operational plan.

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